Village Vehicle Stickers: On Sale May 1st
It is required for any person residing with in the Village limits, or whose principle place of business is within the limits of the Village, to use or cause to permit any of his agents or employees to use an automobile, truck or motorcycle unless licensed with a Village sticker.

Vehicle stickers are due by June 1 of each year. They go on sale on May 1 of each year.

There is a $10.00 charge for each vehicle.

Automobile: $10.00
Trucks: $10.00
Motorcycle: $10.00
Over 65:

Over sixty five: upon proof that the owner of the vehicle is over the age of sixty five (65) and said vehicle is used primarily by said person, the fee for licensing said vehicle shall be five dollars ($5.00). Not more than one vehicle per household shall be entitled to fee reduction.

Failure to purchase a vehicle sticker by June 1 will result in a the following fees:

Automobile: $20.00
Trucks: $20.00
Motorcycle: $20.00
Over 65:

All vehicle stickers shall be displayed by July 1, on the right side of the vehicles windshield.

Any person failing to purchase and display a Village sticker is subject to Section 1-4-1 (Penalties) of the Village Code and may be issued an Administrative Compliance Ticket and/or subject to court appearances and fines.

All revenues derived from this license fee are used for paying the cost and expense of street and alley improvements or repair.

Mission Statement
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